FUNNY PICTURES  12:49 pm September 12, 2007

Bush Junior Makes the Devil Sign Again, At 9/11 Ceremony

by Ken Layne

Hail Satan! - Wonkette
Once again, George W. Bush has been photographed making the devil sign — or, as Satan’s Apologists usually say, the “Hook ‘Em Horns.” It was at the White House 9/11 ceremony yesterday. Just for fun, try “accidentally” getting your hands in that position. It’s all but impossible, unless you’ve got some kind of degenerative nerve condition.

Here are a few other examples of Our President’s peculiar gestures:

Where's your god now? - Wonkette

Laura loves Satan, too! - Wonkette

So does Jenna! - Wonkette

Getting his degree from the Satanic Theology College - Wonkette

But, but, but … Clinton!

This is why he's 'like a son' to Bush Senior - Wonkette

Sixth Anniversary of Terror Attacks [AP/Yahoo]

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