Four Losers Show Up At Fred Thompson Event

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Bald-headed old ghoul - WonketteExactly four local losers showed up at a Salt Lake City GOP party to celebrate Hollywood Fred Thompson’s webcam announcement that he’s running for president yesterday — and there were snacks set up for so many more “Fredheads.”

One of the people said “While he was in the Senate, I liked his stance on the war.” Thompson left the Senate in January 2003, before the war. Maybe the guy was talking about Afghanistan? Vietnam?

Three of the four people noted how much they loved Fred for his Christian/Conservative family values.

“People should look and see if his values match theirs,” said Thompson fan Grant Lynn. “If it feels right, they should support him.”

Fred Thompson abandoned his first wife for a blonde half his age, lost his daughter to a drug overdose, got rich helping abort fetuses and left politics to perform on a violent-crime show on teevee.

Utah ‘Fredheads’ gather for SLC rally [Salt Lake Tribune]

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