Gay Larry Craig’s Been Denying It Forever

Jeez, the news sure was newsy back then, in 1982, when then-Congressman Larry Craig was also on national teevee denying he fucks boys. He was “unmarried by choice” at the time, and accused of getting Congressional pages HIGH ON COCAINE/MARIJUANA and screwing them at his house.

Well, nobody actually accused him of doing that, not by name anyway, but Larry thought he should “come out” with a denial just in case, you know, to try to “make it disappear.”

There is basically one month in Washington, and it’s the month of Cocktober, part of our long Endless Cummer.

And here’s Larry telling lies again today:

Oh, and a reader asked about the “Franklin Cover-up” and what that was about, exactly, and whether Larry Craig was involved with that child-fucking Republican cover-up, too.

The short answer is, “We don’t think so, in particular, and we can’t find YouTube clips of him denying it so we sort of assume he wasn’t a major player. But George Bush Sr. was involved!”

The long answer is the same as the short one, but there’s a whole documentary that was actually supposed to air on American television but was mysteriously pulled from the schedule at the last minute. Here it is. You’ll need at least a six-pack for this horror show — meaning, it’s really boring and it’s a really bad copy of an old videotape:

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