Despised, Incompetent Ghoul Is Top Pick For Attorney General

Stand by your man, and show the world you love him - WonketteA widely hated cretin is the White House’s top choice for attorney general, experts said today. Michael Chertoff is known for his bizarre threats against America and his tenure at the biggest fucking joke agency in American history, the “department of homeland security.” Despised by Republicans, Democrats and actual humans, Chertoff is just the kind of loathsome creep the Bush Administration is likely to choose to be AG for a few weeks until the whole gang is rounded up and sent to Gitmo.

* Harry Reid called for “teh chert” to resign when DHS inexplicably took world-famous Las Vegas off a list of likely terror targets in America.
* Micheal “Katrina” Brown said Chertoff should’ve been fired after the New Orleans disaster.
* “An 11-member, all-Republican Congressional panel” said the same thing in a report last year.
* “What’s so scary about Michael? Well, besides having no judicial experience and being a right-wing radical who does not believe in the Constitution and wants to rewrite federal law and rules of procedure on an ad hoc, case by case basis, as it suits him, nothing I guess.”
* Even Chertoff’s fascist fear-mongering is completely inept, which is why the nation’s law-enforcement leaders laughed in disgust over his absurd-yet-criminal terror threats against America because of whatever foul thing is twisting inside his rancid guts.
* Chertoff’s incompetent villainy deeply impressed opera-loving abortionist Rudy Giuliani, who hired him as a henchman in 1983.
* Despite being kept on as a U.S. attorney by the Clinton Administration, Chertoff proved his only loyalty was to the far-right wingnuts, so he put himself in charge of the Whitewater investigation against the Clintons.
* The deeply evil Chertoff is, of course, co-author of the anti-American “PATRIOT act.”
* Chertoff also hates wingnuts, as he was the “point man” behind Bush’s failed amnesty for illegal aliens legislation this summer.

Flashback: Chertoff’s Incompetence At DHS Prompted Repeated Calls For Resignation [Think Progress]
Bush accepts resignation of Gonzales [IHT]

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