Rep. Filner’s Dulles Rampage

70s central casting wants a 'politician type' - WonketteBob Filner, Democratic congressman from California, recently traveled forward through time from 1976, if this file photo is any indication, in order to live out the American dream of going nuts at Dulles and assaulting some airline employee.

Filner, arrested in 1961 with the Freedom Riders in Mississippi, is still standing up for what be believes in today, consquences be damned. It’s just that now, he happens to believe in not taking any shit from United.

Police say they were called to the baggage claim area around 6 p.m. when a passenger attempted to enter an area authorized for airline employees only.

ABC 7 spoke with several witnesses who say they saw Filner push aside an United Airlines employee and refused to leave the office.

Filner’s been charged with assault and battery. If he’d been a Republican, of course, the “UA employee” would’ve been a 9-year-old whore.

Congressman Charged for Assault at Dulles [WJLA]

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