Ohhhh, You Didn’t Mention He Was a Big Scary Black Guy Who Scared You

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Check out the cameraman behind Bob ... OMG It's BOB - WonketteNew details have emerged in the generally scuzzy case of Florida legislator Bob Allen (R-McCain Campaign Co-Chairman) who was arrested after allegedly offering to both suck off some guy in a park bathroom and give the guy twenty bucks. Wonkette readers who are experts in such matters have argued that the whole thing sounds like entrapment, but today’s Orlando Sentinel offers a new excuse from Allen himself: He was just scared of a scary black guy, like anybody would be!

“This was a pretty stocky black guy, and there was nothing but other black guys around in the park,” Allen, who is white, told police in a taped statement after his arrest. Allen said he feared he “was about to be a statistic” and would have said anything just to get away.

Well, that should work fine for a jury — an all-white jury, anyway!

And as he was being put in the patrol car, Allen asked the cops if “it would help” that he was a state legislator. They said “no.”

State Rep. Allen explains sex case: Fear made me play along [Orlando Sentinel]

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