NASA Also Can’t Spell the Shuttle’s Name

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Photo by ASSA - WonketteOh, NASA, is there anything you can’t fuck up? The Gerald Ford of space agencies is getting ready for another tragic shuttle launch, so employees decided to cheer everybody up with a happy motivational poster that, as you see, didn’t quite get the Endeavour’s name right.

The USS Endeavour is scheduled to launch next month and, if all goes well, it will pointlessly circle the Earth for a few days and then land, probably 3,000 miles away from where it was supposed to touch down, but hopefully in one piece

See, 40% of the fleet has blown up either going up or coming down. Not even American cars have this kind of fail history, but what do you expect from a space program originally run by Spiro Agnew?

Shuttle’s Name Misspelled On NASA Launch Pad Sign [Local 6]

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