REPUBLICANS  6:45 pm July 12, 2007

Family Research Council Lobbyist Also On DC Madam’s List

by Ken Layne

We hope you've learned your lesson. - WonketteRemember Jack Burkman, the MySpace creep who propositions girls and offers them $$$ if they’ll just come to the Mayflower Hotel and let him fuck them? Well, he finally found somebody who would take the money: Hookers! Jack Burkman, the GOP strategist and conservative talking head who used to be seen on the cable news shows a lot more often before his MySpace sleazery was exposed, is also on the DC Madam’s phone list!

And yes, that’s the same Jack Burkman who worked for James Dobson’s Family Research Council as a lobbyist for, you know, conservative family values. Good work, Jack! You’re our latest member of the Endless Cummer Hall of Fame!

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