The eagle has landed. - WonketteStill feeling slightly patriotic after the new & improved one-day July 4 weekend? Maybe you would like to help the world’s least-competent space agency figure out where to land one of its huge NASA vehicles. This was posted an hour ago in the Washington DC travel forum on Trip Advisor:

From: NewNasa
Posted on: 12:12 pm, June 28, 2007
Which garages in Georgetown, part of the Washington, DC, area will allow parking of a large bus, approximately 55 passenger bus, for about two hours? The parking space will be needed on a weekend morning.

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What sort of lunatics need to garage-park a giant bus for two hours? Oh, right, it’s NASA. They probably built the bus themselves, so it probably falls apart in the rain or sunshine or humidity.

Homeland Security advises all citizens avoid Georgetown on weekend mornings until after the explosion.

One-time parking for large vehicles [Trip Advisor]

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