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The New York Post says he'll be the next republican president! - WonketteDo you remember Richard “Dick” Gephardt, the famous NASCAR racer who became a labor union and ran against McKinley? Well, he’s back! And he wants you to know that when it comes to the entrenched Democrat establishment, he is still on board.

This is important for Hillary Clinton because every election cycle, Democrats have to pretend to care about labor unions — even though labor unions have been systematically destroyed by globalized corporations, cheap illegal workers, and mostly by her husband Bill Clinton.

As we very slowly approach the presidential election that is still two summers, two winters, two springs and one autumn away, some “labor leaders” are muttering about directing their invisible voters to, say, Obama or Ron Paul. But with a corrupt old former House leader like Gephardt backing Hillary, all 37 organized labor votes will go to Hillary Clinton, who will outlaw the AFL-CIO on her first day in office.

Exclusive: Former presidential contender Dick Gephardt to endorse Hillary Clinton [Raw Story]

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