Republicans Now Getting Stuffed Into Congressional Lockers

shuler.jpglouie.jpgRepublicans have “re-branded” themselves as the party of simpering pansies, forcing Democrats to sack up and occasionally act like men.

The big scary NFL quarterback on the left is new congressman Heath Shuler, D-Southern football monster, while the chirping dandy on the right is far-right draft-dodging Texas representative Louis Gohmert, who was skipping past Shuler’s offices Wednesday night when he saw something he wanted: a sign illustrating the deficit and how deep we’re all in the hole.

Shuler is one of the fiscally-conservative “Blue Dog Democrats” and they’ve all got such a sign outside their offices. Gohmert thought this sign would be a swell prop to use on the House floor that night to attack Democrats on spending.

The next day, according to Roll Call, “Shuler, a former NFL quarterback, was spotted towering over a seated Gohmert, wagging a finger in his face during the heated session.” The furious Shuler was yelling at Gohmert for being a “gutless chickenshit thief” and was apparently barely able to keep from stomping the little Republican’s skull.

Such episodes give the nation hope that this guy might get drunk with Jim Webb one night and then bust into Cheney’s house and rip off his fucking head.

Rep. slammed as ‘chickenshit thief’ for ‘borrowing’ Democrat’s sign [Raw Story]

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