GEORGE W. BUSH  11:27 pm June 8, 2007

No Confidence Monday!

by Ken Layne

* Congress plans Gonzo no confidence vote for Monday and Bush called it “political theater,” which, you know, means a lot coming from President Check-Out-My-Package-In-This-Flightsuit. [CNN]
* Cyclone that’s going to fuck up the Middle East supposedly has nothing to do with Bush. [Passport]
* But Iraq is so complex, we shouldn’t be worried that it’s all fucked up. [Redstate]
* Whoa, we had no idea that any of this other shit happened either. [The Swamp]
* Some good natured ribbing for a misunderstood president. Don’t worry George, history will vindicate you, you imbecile. [IMAO]
* The first Saddam execution video was so popular, a sequel was only a matter of time. [Iraq Slogger]

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