ANNOUNCEMENTS  3:50 pm June 5, 2007

Like Jesus, Gridskipper Is Born Again

by Ken Layne

Now with maps! MAPS! - WonketteJesus was born again, right? Anyway, our sister site Gridskipper has been “relaunched,” much like John McCain’s campaign, and now it is all tarted up and filled with items about things one might do in various places.

Do you like, say, to eat food at a restaurant in a city such as San Francisco, or drink liquor in another city, such as Paris? Chances are you can find out about that!

Also: Now there are maps. No more wistfully reading about where to get laid without too much trouble in Los Angeles (hint: try a bar) but not knowing exactly where to find the place, due to no map. Say you are interested in screwing a hooker in that seedy part of Sydney. Gridskipper is there to help!

Gridskipper [Gridskipper]

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