Panda, With a Vengeance

* Yippee kayay, motherfucker. [Express]
* “We have to give captive-bred pandas better survival training, especially combat and defence skills.” [Poofygoo]
* Perhaps this glowing DCist review means the bullets have stopped flying at Temperance Hall. [DCist]
* ” I don’t know how many baby boomers read this (Hi Dad!), but, man, you guys are old.” [why.i.hate.dc]
* Today is National Doughnut Day. Get some. [Last Second Thoughts]
* Summer gunfire is here! “These incidents and many more, have been increasing at an alarming rate. The police (whom we call every time there’s an incident) have been blaming the nice weather for the increased activity in the streets and gentrification for the loss of drug-dealing territories.” [007 in Africa]
* Hilarious driving-in-DC graphs: “HONK HONK! YOU PUSSY!” [Quiet in the Stacks]
* “Guy in Wisconsin shirt, while I was getting home from work, you were stopped in your bike ride trying to put the small fire out in my front yard. You even jumped over the fence! My friend and I would love to take you for a drink, but even if not, you’re our hero. Thanks again!” {Missed Connections]

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