So remember how 2008 is going to be so different because of the YouTubes and the MySpaces? Turns out that’s maybe all true!

Our first candidate-mistress story backed by a MySpace page that could’ve been set up by literally anyone is here, and it comes complete with softcore half-naked pictures, Larry King and Donald Trump.

Meet Starr Shephard, after the jump.

So what’s the deal? Well, S T A R R (that’s how she spells it on MySpace) is a motivational speaker apparently living in Houston. And Rudy’s a motivational speaker from New York. Think about it.

Anyway, the National Enquirer says she’s Rudy’s mistress, which would make her the 54th known mistress of America’s Mayor(tm).

She even quotes from Giuliani’s crap book right there in her MySpace profile thingy: “LET THE WORLD BE INSPIRED BY OUR LEADERSHIP AND INSPIRATION FOR GENERATIONS TO CONTINUE OUR LEGACIES.” Yes, sure, whatevs. Also, the Enquirer says she’s been blabbing to her friends about fucking Rudy Giuliani.

But how naked does she get in the Profile pix? This much:

There are also pictures of S T A R R with undead CNN muppet Larry King and thick-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump, but thankfully these are not pornographic in nature. Well, they’re semi-pornographic just because she’s rubbing Larry’s nipple for some reason, and the charred remains of The Donald look almost alive ….

And here she is with her (pretend?) boyfriend, the twice-divorced opera-loving Manhattan Dandy himself.

True? False? Is Al Qaeda behind this, too? Share your make-believe insights in the comments.

Rudy’s (Alleged) Mistress Has Cyber Love Nest [RADAR]
S T A R R [MySpace]

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