Draped in the Mexican flag again ... - WonketteWhen you think of Dennis Kucinich and JRR Tolkien, you’re obviously thinking of hobbits, right? WRONG. You are supposed to be thinking about Kucinich’s hot young wife, a “6-foot-tall willowy redhead who has been compared to Arwen Evenstar, the Lord of the Rings character.”

That’s one of many exciting things we learned from this Times of London profile of Elizabeth Kucinich. Here are the others:

* She’s a dirty hippie.
* Her mom is also a dirty hippie.
* On her crappy MySpace page, she admits to loving the lite-rock band Coldplay.
* She’s got one of those metal studs in her tongue.
* Dennis is a vegan; she cruelly continues to consume dairy products, which cause global warming.
* Actual quote: “Can you imagine what it would be like to have real love in the White House and a true union between the masculine and the feminine?”

Essex girl fills White House race with lurve [Times Online]

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