REPUBLICANS  5:16 pm May 14, 2007

Blow Me, Baby

by Ken Layne

* Paul and Shaha rock each other’s worlds like a bomb-belt in a crowded market. [Liberal Avenger]
* Republican bloggers “declare war on the Republican Leadership of the United States House of Representatives.” [Red State]
* Hilary is stealing all Barry’s best zingers. And by zingers we mean pointless clich├ęs. [Election Central]
* Sam Brownback ends up in tears when his memorized sports analogy backfires. Stick to the show tune metaphors, Sam. [AP]
* Navy still thinks Muslim pilot is dangerous, but will let him be a wingman anytime. [Blackfive]
* White dudes run shit, jam up your teevee on Sundays talking about it. [Media Matters]

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