BREAKING: Potentially Exciting Story Actually Kind of Bland

A person who attended the now-legendary Obey-Kucinich brawl reports that it was actually sort of a disappointment.

Kucinich was upset that we’re privatizing oil, and Obey said, “Goddammit, we aren’t privatizing any oil!” That fairly tame outburst made Maxine Waters and Diane Watson very upset, and Nancy Pelosi’s request that the present members all “love each other” didn’t help matters.

Unsurprisingly, it was Rahm Emanuel, who actually has a genuinely dirty mouth, who said the bit about needing to have Obey rip you a new asshole before you can call yourself a member of Congress.

In the future, we’ll restrict our coverage of elected officials saying naughty words to vulgarities of the most offensive nature. We’re just going to have to wait for Rudy Giuliani to call Mitt Romney a cunt-faced cocksucker. So, like, another week or two.

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