Racist Bush Nominee: Whites Also Hate Robots

And I'm pretending to care, When I'm not even there, Gone, but I don't know where - WonketteToday’s racist Bush nominee is Henrietta Holsman-Fore, currently some factotum at the State Department and soon to be in charge of U.S. AID, which is basically in charge of all foreign aid to foreigners.

Holsman-Fore used to own a factory in Los Angeles, where she complained about her low-paid Negro Workers who kept going “back to the street to earn more money” selling crack.

Meet our Bush nominee of the day, after the jump.

At least they were industrious! The Latinos were just lazy, she said, while Asians were crafty and would somehow become managers.

Okay, that’s about right for a Bush appointee in charge of American financial aid to the people of Africa, Latin America and Asia. But what about white people, and their relations with robots?

According to the New York Times, she found “white workers resentful of having to work with machines.” We have to give her points for this one, because it’s a racial stereotype we have never heard before. Maybe that explains why we hate these fucking computers so much?

In trying to derail her original appointment at State two years ago, Barack Obama said, “I’m troubled by the lack of clarity.” What’s not clear, Barry? Holsman-Fore says Blacks prefer to make more money selling dope, Mexicans are lazy, Asians are crafty and white people hate robots.

She will replace Randall Tobias, the Bush appointee who had to resign due to being caught using the DC Madam’s hooker service.

New Bush nominee found to have race-baiting past [Raw Story]

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