Rejoice, White America: There Is a Candidate Just For You!

I hate Illinois Nazis ... - WonketteHey guys, did you hear about the Negro Menace? Apparently it’s a growing problem for White America.

There was a time when Democrats used to stand for something (slavery), but what do they stand for today? Electing a scary woman or a half-black Muslim terrorist, that’s what! And Republicans may talk the talk, but when it comes down to it, the best of them will only deport Mexicans, who aren’t even black.

White America, meet John Taylor Bowles — “the White People’s Candidate.” He’s the only 2008 candidate that will follow through on Thomas Jefferson’s patriotic plan to send the blacks back to Africa. Also: He hates the Jews. Remember when the Far Right hated the Jews? Bowles remembers! Also his last name basically sounds like shit.

Meet the Also-Rans: John Taylor Bowles [Radar]

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