They’ve Gone To Plaid

* It’s not the Scientology that Mitt Romney loves, it’s the Travolta. [The Caucus]
* Hillary’s bad taste also in question: Does she only listen to the noise from Bono’s charity, or the shit his band puts out too? [Political Radar]
* Former Abramoff crony turned U.S. Attorney refused to prosecute himself. [Wampum]
* RIP Tom DeLay’s PAC. [Capitol Briefing]
* Joe Lieberman is still as crazy as when you voted for him. [Horse’s Mouth]
* Brooklyn congressman knows what he’s gonna do when the bad boys come for him. [HuffPo]
* Gingrich and Hegel hang out with the unions, nonchalantly inquire about members willing to work for 10 cents an hour and no bathroom breaks. [Political Insider]

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