ELECTIONS  1:45 pm April 17, 2007

Bloggers Finally Affect Democracy

by Ken Layne

Ain't No Mountain High Enough, to keep me from yoouu - WonketteSeven long years after the blog craze began, otherwise-useless bloggers have finally had an effect on an election: They’ve kept shiny-haired squeaky-voiced oddity Sanjaya Malakar on the hit karaoke show American Idol, despite his inability to carry a tune.

Blog references to the shiny-haired oddity have risen by an alarming 338% since February.

But, like always, blogs don’t really have any impact on anything. It’s all Howard Stern’s fault. He’s telling his listeners to “vote” for Sanjaya — apparently you “vote” by calling a 900 number or something — and his millions of lemming-like fans do whatever he commands.

Blogs keep ‘Idol’s’ Sanjaya center stage [CNN]

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