We Will Never Forgive John Dickerson for This Mental Image

Please, keep the suit on. - Wonkette

Giuliani wears a better class of suit now that he’s in the lucrative private sector, but he still seems like the candidate most likely to be comfortable wearing a muscle-T.

Oh, gross. We’ve seen enough of Rudy’s doughy old man flesh, thank you.

Though to be fair we couldn’t decide if that passage was actually grosser than the one immediately after, in which Rudy “took off his shoe to show his well-worn and stained orthotics.”

Rudy’s grinning fascism might give the Weekly Standard types a raging clit-on, but stained wifebeaters and filthy insoles will kill the mood. He should stick to his proven “shoot the black kids and carpetbomb Tehran” to move the base from bloodlust to love. Then once he’s elected he can round up the homeless and force them to gay marry all our sons to abortion doctors.

The Approchable Tough Guy [Slate]

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