BUTTERSTICK  12:58 pm April 5, 2007

Crackhead Teen Butterstick Now Living On Streets

by Ken Layne

'How do you like me now, Butterstick?' - WonketteIf you see a disheveled teen-aged panda around Union Station, stinking of urine and crack fumes, that’s the once-popular Butterstick. Everybody knows babies don’t stay “adorable” for long, but the burn rate is even faster for our animal friends because they live “dog years” or something. And there’s always a new, younger, cuter animal ready to take the title of World’s Most Adorable Critter.

Today, that critter is Knut the Ice Bear. He was born and still lives at the luxurious Berlin Zoo, where crowds of beautiful, educated, cultured Europeans ooh and ahh over his devastating cuteness. Knut’s got a hit blog, too. Oh, and that’s Knut on the cover of Vanity Fair with Leonardo DiCaprio, too — shot by Annie Leibovitz, naturally.

Bear On Bear [Washington City Paper]
Knut the Polar Bear (with video!) [Vanity Fair]
Berlin zoo stock leaps as polar bear fever grows [Reuters]


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