Former President George H. W. Bush will deliver the keynote address at a ceremony honoring the Washington Times’ 25th birthday this May. Also appearing: Times founder the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, who, you might remember, is the Messiah. And the King of the Ocean, but it’s in his role as the Messiah that he goes around demanding churches throw out their crosses and start worshipping him instead.

Naturally, this respect for traditional religious values makes the Reverend very, very popular among Washington conservatives! Well, it’s either the values or his huge piles of money.

In any event, the anniversary party ought to be the weirdest gala of the year. A stage packed with unreconstructed Confederate sympathizers, Republican party-line hacks, a wealthy Napoleonic Korean-born cult leader, and various sex fiends — sounds like Robert Altman’s Satyricon.

Bush 41 To Headline Washington Times 25th Anniversary Gala [FishbowlDC]
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