METRO SECTION  5:46 pm March 16, 2007

Metro Section: You’d Muder if You Worked for AOL, Too

by Ken Layne

* Two AU students killed in a hit and run. [Read Express]
* Free dog: “A young black lab followed some joggers from Rock Creek Park and entered my back yard on Shepherd Street today (Friday at noon).” [Petworth News]
* Steer clear of tomorrow’s protest route: “The march will begin at 12:30PM. Participants will cross Memorial Bridge into Arlington and walk to the Pentagon North parking lot for a rally.” [MetrobloggingDC]
* Disney announces black princess: “Will Disney just try to paint a black face on a princess and call her the first of her kind and yet, not give the story any ‘cultural’ distinction?” [Sugar N Spice]
* DC has an AOL Irish Mafia. [Adam's R&R]

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