GEORGE W. BUSH  5:32 pm March 16, 2007

Brazilian Protest Gal’s Incredible True Story!

by Ken Layne

Remember this anti-Bush protester? Well, she has a story to tell! First of all, don’t call her “Naked Brazilian Protest Gal.” Let’s treat her with dignity and respect. She is a 25-year-old model named Janaína Bueno, which means “Hot gal named something like Jana.” But what about her message?

* “I didn’t want anybody to see my body. Only Bush.”
* She was not naked, because she wore a “micro panty.”
* The cop totally made her take off the flag, and then gave her a ticket for indecent exposure. But isn’t this how all Brazilians dress every day, according to the film classic Blame It On Rio?
* “She also said that she hated Bush because she could not get a Visa to enter the United States.” Just wait until Wonkette’s president, baby. We will give you like seven visas, and make you anchor of CNN American Morning With Kyra Phillips.

Violent Protests and Naked Beauty Welcome Bush in Brazil [Brazil Mag]
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