FUNNY PICTURES  3:51 pm March 15, 2007

Useless Mailboxes Disguised As Helpful Robot Friends

by Ken Layne

Fix me up another gin & tonic, Artoo - Wonkette
In honor of Lucasfilm buying off the U.S. Postal Service for a promotional stunt, 400 mailboxes have been decorated with shrink wrap that vaguely resembles the possibly fictional droid R2D2. A few of these “Star Wars” mail receptacles will be placed in 200 cities so we can all dream of a postal service run by cute helpful tireless servants rather than surly incompetent civil servants.

USPS marketing director Anita T. Bizzotto “urged people not to tamper with them, noting that’s a crime.” Yes, only the U.S. Postal Service can legally tamper with the mailboxes by renting them out like billboards to the highest bidder.

Star Wars Droid R2-D2 to Collect Mail [Washington Post]

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