A Treasury of Brazilian Anti-Bush Protest Pix

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Suck it, libs! - Wonkette

While our very hungry president is supposedly back from his Latin American “please let me move down here” trip, the photographs remain. We just found a huge collection of pix from the Brazil jaunt, including favorites like the one above and some very spooky close-ups of the security details and presidential limos and all that. Details and a few samples, after the jump.

 - Wonkette
What is going on here? Are the actual Brazilian security forces taking cell-phone pictures and putting them on the Internets?

Eye in the sky - Wonkette
OK, this is getting all Lee Harvey Oswaldy now and we are no longer comfortable. Let’s go to something more innocent.

'Ow, my skin!' - Wonkette
Hooray for crappy protest effigy Bush guy (or is it Laura?) on fire!

Oh, and there are some (four total) NAKED GIRL PROTEST BOOBS at the bottom of this gallery, so watch out!

George W. Bush In Brazil [Knuttz]

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