Mouth-Breathing Racist Cop Latest To Call Rep. Keith Ellison a Terrorist

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Nice mustache, shitty! - WonketteA thug cop known only for savagely beating black kids in Minneapolis and commanding a drug-raid squad that shot one of its own officers is in trouble again — this time for calling Congressman Keith Ellison a “terrorist.”

The only reason Lt. Bob Kroll’s latest racist outburst made the news is because his fellow cops are disgusted by his moronic bigotry. During an “ethics class,” Officer Gwen Gunter was outraged by Kroll’s idiot suggestion that America was at war with Islamic Terrorists such as Michigan-born black American politician Keith Ellison. Then, reportedly, Officer Gwen pretty much kicked Kroll’s ass and “soon the two were separated and silenced by the city attorney, who was conducting the class.”

Kroll is not the first to bravely alert America to the threat posed by Ellison. It was dingbat Rep. Virgil Goode (R-KKK) who tried to deport Ellison in January when the new congressman was photo-op sworn in using Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Koran.

Meet Lt. Bob Kroll, the cop accused of calling Congressman Keith Ellison a terrorist [Minneapolis City Pages]

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