Goddamned Atheist Snuck Into Congress (In 1973)

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Well, it's true! - WonketteFor a country founded by people who hated Jesus, it sure is tough to get elected unless you pretend to be Christian — or at least worship one of the other main gods, such as Jewish God or Muslim God. That’s why it’s great to learn that Congress has exactly one representative with the ‘nads to say he’s an atheist.

Congressman Pete Stark (Godless Democrat-California) was first elected back in 1973 when Americans had overwhelmingly decided there was definitely no such thing as Jesus — or that if there was such a god, He definitely had it in for the United States. Religion made a comeback in 1980, and has remained popular with the poor and distraught ever since, which means amoral monsters like Hillary Clinton and John McCain have to extra-pretend they’re Christians these days. But Stark has been in the House ever since his first non-Christian victory, and he spends his days chipping away at the faith of gullible children.

Congressman Holds No God-Belief [Secular.org]

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