Giuliani’s Kids Hate Him, Too

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I feel pretty ... - WonketteRepublican primary voters were thrilled to learn Rudy Giuliani’s kids hate him as much as his many ex-wives, because what self-respecting GOP voter doesn’t despise his loathsome children and wives? The ex-New York mayor and neo-fascist, famous for standing around after terrorists crashed planes into New York buildings, is suddenly the super front-runner.

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Newsweek’s latest poll shows the thrice-married opera-loving cross-dressing gay-roommate-having Manhattan dandy at the top with a whopping 59% of support from registered Republicans. Demented old weirdo John WALNUTS! McCain has sunk to 34% — down from 44% just five weeks ago.

Mitt Romney isn’t even mentioned, but the Taxachusetts Abortionist is doing his best to compete with Rudy’s cross-dressing winning ways. At the Young Right Wing Nut Festival this weekend, Romney busted out with this opening line: “It’s an honor to be here in high heels, walking backwards.”

Ann Coulter joked that Mitt was the only GOP candidate with just one wife, even though he’s a Mormon and doesn’t worship the right Jesus! Obviously, Romney won the CPAC straw poll.

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