Daily Briefing: Dix

* National Governors Association winter meeting like a Miss America pageant — Governors just want to help poor little sick children. [WP, NYT]
* The Governors also give advice to each other about running for President. Haley Barbour fulfils his contractual obligation for one Civil War reference per sound bite. [NYT]
* In other antebellum news, Al Sharpton finds out his ancestors were slaves to more than just a buffet line. [WP]
* John Edwards’ staff orders him to spend Sunday night watching A Few Good Men after telling Bob Schieffer that “Americans can handle the truth.” [WP]
* Congress living by the letter, not spirit of the “no joyriding in lobbyists’ Gulfstreams” law. [USAT]
* White House warns Pakistan that aid money might decrease if they don’t find Osama, and that it’s totally Democrats fault. [NYT]
* The Christian RightTM is having a hard time finding a Presidential candidate that hates all the right things. [NYT]
* House will try to make amends for all that trouble in Holland, 1945. [NYT]

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