We Gave Vilsack ‘Buzz’ & He Still Bailed

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Farewell to da sack. - WonketteAfter a long successful run of endorsing winners like George McGovern, Walter Mondale, Al Gore and John Kerry, the magazine Rolling Stone implied back in November that Tom Vilsack might survive with a little buzz help from Wonkette.

As an experiment, we gave Vilsack an absurd amount of coverage, including endless critiques of his impressive neo-totalitarian campaign style and disturbing “furry” costumes. Well, actually, that was all we covered — the 1984/V For Vendetta crap and the adult Winnie the Pooh costume. And now he’s the first candidate to drop out, nearly two years before the election. There’s a lesson here, possibly involving Piglet or Owl or Bill Richardson.

The Vilsack Buzz [Rolling Stone]
Vilsack to end Democratic bid [USA Today]

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