KARL ROVE  3:45 pm February 21, 2007

Metro Section: D’vine

by Ken Layne

* Most things in DC, including the housing market, look a lot like 1996. [Urban Trekker]
* Reviews of the D’vine Cravings Bakery and The Julie Sumner Salon and Spa, both opening in Shaw. [remaking le slum historique]
* A case for the Slack Key Guitar showcase at Wolf Trap. [Read Express]
* For sale: velvet painting of Karl Rove’s vagina neck. Father’s Day? [Metroblogging DC]
* On the tricky logistics of getting Arcade Fire tickets: “We here at The Upstate Life are more concerned about fucking up the image verification system than anything else. One slip of the finger can seriously push you back ten rows at the very least. Shit is harder to read than a tourist interpreting a DC cab zone map.” [The Upstate Life]

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