REPUBLICANS  2:34 pm February 19, 2007

Iraq War Caused by Saddam Dissing USA

by Ken Layne

The Senate’s pro-SURGE forces brought some awesome new ideas to the debate on Friday, but none was as powerful as the new reason for the Iraq War provided by the honorable Jeff Sessions (R-Cracker) — we had to invade and occupy because Saddam Hussein kept sayin’ he won the 1991 Gulf War!

We are now entering a dangerous cycle in which every Bush-bashing left-tard trope — “Dubya’s still fighting daddy’s war!” — is recycled by loyal Republican allies of the White House. Stay tuned to C-SPAN, because we’re pretty sure Walnuts McCain is going to bring some giant puppets and a drum circle to the Senate floor.

Entirely new rationale for the invasion of Iraq [Talking Points Memo]

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