Indictments For Disgraced CIA No 3 & Defense Contractor

Stars and stripes of corruption! - WonketteHooray for the slow march of justice for lesser Bush Administration figures! Former No. 3 CIA boss Kyle “Slimeball” Foggo and impossibly corrupt Duke Cunningham buddy/contractor Brent Wilkes have been officially indicted for many federal crimes including conspiracy, wire fraud, and money laundering.

Somebody named John T. Michael was also indicted for the same evil shit — he was a co-conspirator in Duke Cunningham’s plea.

Yet so many lesser lights have yet to be indicted, despite their known involvement in the many sordid scandals that make up WatergateGate: Porter Goss, Katherine Harris, Virgil Goode, probably Judith Miller ….

BREAKING: Contractor, CIA Former #3 Indicted [TPM Muckraker]
Earlier: Return of WatergateGate: Foggo to Be Indicted?


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