METRO SECTION  4:57 pm February 9, 2007

Metro Section: Just The Blades, Please

by Ken Layne

* Mardi Gras Ball weekend in DC. [hear and now]
* Chocolate and Dessert Wine tasting at Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, VA. [Eat.Drink.DC]
* Free bike and size-9 roller blades. [CL]
* WSC Sauna MC: “You were the black guy with the tattoo on your upper back and a hard-on … I was the white guy without the tattoo … I moved to the corner and we made eye contact while listening to ‘i will always love you.’” [CL]
* After work fuck and suck party – m4m – 48 (just off 395 near pentagon) [CL]

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