Booger Eater: Ohio Republican Steve Chabot?

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Wear a hat! - WonketteThe official anonymous Wonkette lobbyists says the YouTube-captured nose-picker on the House floor is none other than Ohio’s 1st District congressman, Steve Chabot. But is he sitting on the Dem side? Oh, out of context YouTube clips, how you vex us!

We checked dozens of pictures of Chabot online, and have concluded he’s got the absolute worst combover of the 21st Century. Also, semi-profile shots reveal that he is most likely the Nose-Picker. Sometimes he looks like the guy in the video, sometimes he looks like Nick Nolte after an arrest, so he’s probably a werewolf of some kind

Chabot was one of the “Impeach Clinton” gasbags and threatened to personally educate the French about how they didn’t understand the “Iraq threat” back in 2003, so it’s no surprise that he’s just sitting around eating his boogers now.

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