Marion Barry Wants You Armed

America's Mayor - WonketteIf not for the awful, endless, horrible crime, D.C. might be like any other crumbling capital in a corrupt & bankrupt little nation. America’s Mayor(tm) wants to do something about Washington’s terrible crime. Or, actually, he wants you to do something about it.

Become one of Marion’s Angels, with a pistol, after the jump.

Under Marion Barry’s proposed law, law-abiding DC residents who actually break the law by owning a gun (because, Jesus Christ, it’s DC and how can you not have a gun at home?) would have a 90-day window to legally register the gun.

The intended effect would be … we’re not sure, actually. If street criminals know how many people are packing in this town, that would presumably lower the violent crime rate? Or if you aren’t scared of the cops taking your gun, maybe you’ll shoot more street criminals and they will give up crime due to being shot? Anyway, it’s always nice to see Marion Barry in a crime story that’s not about his own personal criminal behavior.

Meanwhile, the federal government’s about to put him in jail for willfully failing to file income-tax returns. Go, Marion!

Barry aims for gun-ban hiatus [Washington Times]
Bitch Shot Me Up [Reason Hit & Run]

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