Rumors On The Internets: Word Of the Day Is ‘Screwed’

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* Cat fight causes John Edwards to fire his campaign bloggers. Malkin is front and center, obv. [Salon]
* List of administration’s “Top 25 criminals and scoundrels” is missing some obvious ones, gets points for trying. [CREW]
* Presidential approval rating graphs tell 10,000 words. [Political Arithmetik]
* Chris Matthews can’t control his potty mouth when it comes to phony farmers like George Bush, and, uh, Don Imus. [C&L]
* State Department employees find selves too good for Iraq. [TPM Muckraker]
* The No. 1 Google search result for “space diapers.” []
* President’s budget will rip out Mr. Snuffleupagus’ still-beating heart and show it to him before canceling his show. [Think Progress]

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