Gossip Roundup: Party All the Time

* Heard on the Hill: Oregon Rep. Peter DeFazio (D) said “fuck” on the radio last month… Stephanie Tubbs Jones held a “manicures and muffins” party for donors. [Roll Call]
* Reliable Source: A retired White House pastry chef wrote a memoir! Did you know: the Secret Service used to delease hundreds of trout into the river at Camp David just to keep Jimmy Carter from killing himself. Nancy Reagan was an incredible bitch. [WP]
* Yeas and Nays: Justin Timberlake: too boring to party in DC… Politicians be throwing football parties. [Examiner]
* Washington Whispers: Colbert guests get better schwag than O’Reilley guests… Scooter Libby’s and Karl Rove’s publicists just merged to form a one-stop PR house for incompetent criminals… Hillary Clinton is funny. [USN&WR]
* Shenanigans: Michael Steele drives around in a Lexus with a “Steele for Senate” sticker. [Politico]

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