Daily Briefing: Real and Spectacular

* Senators refuse to confirm George Casey as Army chief until he tells them where he gets the good happy drugs. [WP, NYT, LAT]
* The “unpleasant but very detailed” 90-page National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq goes to Congress. The 2 pages you’re allowed to see will be podcasted. [WP]
* If you give money to poor people you have to give it to rich people too, this is America, everything has to be equal. [WP, NYT]
* Yes, the Senate is still talking about their, “Mr. President, don’t send more Americans into the middle of civil war!” resolution, letter, email whatever. [NYT]
* Only the brain-dead pay the death tax. [WSJ]
* New Iraq “casualty” count only reflects soldiers who were shot at, not who shoot themselves. [NYT]
* United Nations to world: Global warming, it’s real. [LAT]
* President Bush to nation: no fatties. [WP]

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