Coming Soon to Libbygate: Abramson/Miller Smackdown!

Here was another fun tidbit from the end of the yesterday episode of Scooter Libbypalooza:

Defense lawyers said Wednesday they had subpoenaed Jill Abramson, the managing editor of The Times, to appear as a witness.

Which oughtta be great fun! Jill vs. Judy has always made for fine print. What did Abramson regret about the Times handling of the Miller situation? “The entire thing.” Furthermore, Miller repeated her line on the stand yesterday about how the Times just wasn’t interested in her hot Valerie Plame scoop. Last year, of course:

Ms. Abramson, the Washington bureau chief at the time, said Ms. Miller never made any such recommendation.

After they call Abramson they should call Chris Matthews and Tim Russert to talk shit about each other. They’re under oath, they have to!

Former Times Reporter Testimony Is Challenged [NYT]

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