Daily Briefing: Paid to Bum

* Some of America’s richest assholes heard President Bush mention “income inequality” for the first time, ever. [WP]
* Most farmers missed the speech, however; as they were too busy yelling at the crew of immigrants who act like they’ve never polished a gold toilet seat before. [WP, NYT]
* High-living funnyman Matt Cooper confirmed what he knew about Valerie Plame from Scooter on the way back from the Country Club. [WP, LAT]
* Joe Biden trips over his sword, impales himself on a blade of blather. [WP, NYT]
* Alberto Gonzalez will, grudgingly, share his secret court order toys. [WP, NYT]
* At least there’ll be a change of scenery – next war for energy security likely in Brazil, “the Saudi Arabia of ethanol.” [WSJ]
* Mary Cheney’s baby is not a propaganda tool — she told an audience of media people gathered for a magazine event in Manhattan. [NYT]

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