Sex and Crab Lice in High Society: The Chris Dodd Story

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Not long ago, a reader reminded us of a heartwarming story about Senator and Presidential candidate Chris Dodd. It appeared in the now-defunct magazine Pop Smear a decade ago, but we remembered the gist: Chris Dodd has crabs. We got our hands on the Dodd issue recently, and are thrilled to share the rest of the facts with you.

* Author Cree McCree got crabs from X touring guitarist Tony G. (not, as we previously said, John Doe — sorry, John!)
* McCree was, at the time, involved romantically with Nick Dodd, Chris’ brother (not son — are you surprised that people who were reading Pop Smear in ’97 have shoddy memories?).
* Nick caught the crabs, freaked out, was unable to rid himself of them.
* Nick went back to the Dodd compound for a while, and spent one night in Chris’ bed.
* Chris Dodd called his ne’er-do-well brother some time later to thank him for the pubic lice.
* Chris was also, at the time, rumored to be fucking Bianca Jagger.

Didn’t we say it was a heartwarming tale? President Dodd will be our favorite ever! The scanned page from the PS issue is after the jump. A very special thanks to former Pop Smear publisher James POPsmear for sending us the issue.



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