Rumors On The Internets: That’s Not a War Face

* Scooter Libby is just another persecuted Scientologist. [Outside the Beltway]
* John Edwards goes live tonight using same video chat software your favorite porn sites use. [John Edwards]
* This thing doesn’t look like that thing. [C&L]
* Bill Keller thinks your newspaper sucks. [Romenesko]
* Nancy Pelosi has spendy outfits. [MoJo]
* Hu Jintao is, apparently, the master of his domain. [Dean’s World]
* Product placement in future SOTUs is a magic money teet. [Matthew Yglesias]
* Don Sherwood is the kind of guy that would choke a woman and not have the common courtesy to make his hush money payments. [The Politico]

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