GEORGE W. BUSH  4:59 pm January 23, 2007

Civic-Minded Drinkers Unite For SOTU Binges!

by Ken Layne

Just because your friends won’t host a SOTU drinking-game festival doesn’t mean you have to sit at home alone with Dubya. Go on out there and have as good a time as anyone can have these days. There are parties at:

* Capitol Lounge
* Bailey’s Pub & Grille
* Hawk & Dove
* Marty’s
* Lounge 201
* Capitol Hill Club
* Busboys & Poets
* Union Pub
* Stetson’s
* Ventnor Sports Cafe
* Ropewalk Tavern (Federal Hill, Baltimore)

State of the Union Watch Parties [Washingtonian]
State of the Viewing Parties [Washington Post]

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