Gossip Roundup: Speaker’s Box

* Heard on the Hill: Former Jack Kingston spokesman starts media consulting firm, argues that politicians need to be more like Kid Rock… Anonymous wag sends out email from the made-up “House Select Committee on Global Warming, Energy & Happy Feet.” [Roll Call]
* Reliable Source: There will be lots of political celebrities in Nancy Pelosi’s box tonight. [WP]
* Yeas and Nays: New Rep. Paul Hodes is a kids band with his wife Peggo. The band is called “Peggosus.” … Here comes Henry Waxman’s kid to be a DC lobbyist! [Examiner]
* Under the Dome: Drudge overwhelms Senate website… Jon Tester tries to quiet the Senate, shouts “Have order in the House.” … Rep. Don Young: “”I am wearing this red shirt today; it’s the color of the bill that we are debating, communist red.” [The Hill]
* Shenanigans: Dem strategist Jack Quinn suffered a concussion after a skiing accident… Rep. Virginia Foxx sponsored a bill honoring Christmas tree sellers, owns a Christmas tree nursery. [The Politico]

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