TERRY MCAULIFFE  12:54 am January 20, 2007

Rumors On The Internets: He’s So Dreamy

by Ken Layne

* Thanks to Terry McAuliffe, Bill Clinton is an inspiration for gays on the whole Korean peninsula. [Hotline on Call]
* Prove you’re biggest Bush hater in your town: buy the “impeachbush.com” domain name today! [Ebay]
* Fired Time staffers: Don’t blame the internet for your kid’s impending malnutrition. [BuzzMachine]
* Sam Brownback will make a big announcement today— that he’s running for President. Get your mind out of the gutter. [CQ Politics]
* Barack the vote! [Café Press]
* We know must-see-TV takes a back seat to must-drink-on-Thursday-nights, so here’s the Colbert/O’Reilly videos you missed. [Alternet]

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